Type of insulation mattresses because of the insulated object:

Insulation of turbines

Made of materials resistant to high temperatures. They are used to insulate gas , steam turbines etc. Clean and exactly the right installation and the possibility of dismantling and re-instalation. Insulation may be formed as one or multi-layered. Production of Andy's insulations is based on the resulting of technical documentation as well as after own measurement. Insulations are made in mattresses system. They consist of a fabric made of glass fibers resistant to high temperatures and fill mineral wool or glass wool. These materials are selected depending on the conditions in which they operate. Andy insulating mattresses are equipped with special claps made of stainless steel or mounting straps.

Insulation of engines

Made of materials with coatings resistant to water, oil and acids. Filled with high quality ceramic wool with low heat transfer coefficient. Andy insulates all kinds of industrial engines, turbochargers, manifolds, gas exhaust, compensators etc.

Insulations of fittings

Single – layer insulation of all kinds of piping, valves, boilers and tanks. Made of materials resistant to external factors like differences in temperature. Coated aluminum, teflon or silicone. Andy also produces protective hoses on pipes and valves insulation, easy to assemble and disassemble.

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